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Re: Elections to the WDDM Executive Board
Posted by: BrEggum (IP Logged)
Date: March 09, 2008 09:27PM

Dear WDDM, and Mark

Mark said:
In my opinion the executive board has both charter-defined and moral responsibilities.

Their charter-defined responsibility is the right to enact immediate, but temporary, legislation by majority vote of the executive board. Further, the executive board need not go through a seconding process to submit legislation to vote. Rather, their temporary legislation will be judged by referendum in order to be considered permanent.

Bruce comments: That is not what is written in the present Charter. Everything the Board does must be ok-ed by WDDM Referendum. I will propose a change.

MArk said:
The moral responsibility of the executive board is probably more important. They are, after all, elected by the membership; so they each have a certain aura of speaking for a lot of people. Also, there is an expectation that they will try to do what is right for the principles of the organization and the membership as a whole.

Bruce comments: I believe the Board are regular people who volunteered to serve WDDM. The "moral" issue is undefined. We deal with the process which is defined by WDDM Charter. The process ain't working so we need to fix it. I will look for Aura's in the new candidates.

Mark said:
I don't know whether the executive board needs more power. If someone feels they do, they should initiate the charter defined process leading eventually to a charter change. The charter defines how this can be done. It's not super easy. But nothing worthwhile is.

I wish that the WDDM charter defined powers of an electoral authority (like they have in Mexico and Costa Rica) to run elections. So you might say that my ideal structure removes some power from the executive board. However, we don't have an electoral authority, so for now the the executive board has to run the elections. Since the specifics for advertising the election are not defined by the charter, I asked George and Nicolas to approve an advertisement that I drafted. I've got the ok from Nicolas, which is enough to move forward. But I'll wait another day or two before advertising the election because we do have a creative and engaged membership and maybe they've got some other ideas about the advertisement.

Bruce comments: Please do not compare WDDM Organization to a Nation, especially Mexico which has a horrible dictoral government. (bad example of democracy and has illegal elections) If you want a different election process please change it.
"The charter defines how this can be done. It's not super easy. But nothing worthwhile is."

Sincerely, Bruce

Bruce Eggum Wisconsin USA

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