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Παγκόσμιο Κίνημα Άμεσης Δημοκρατίας, Celosvětové Hnutí za Přímou Demokracii, Internationale Bewegung für direkte Demokratie, Movimiento Mundial por la Democracia Directa, Mouvement International pour la Démocratie Directe, Movimento Mondiale per la Democrazia Diretta, 世界的直接民主制運動, Światowy Ruch na rzecz Demokracji Bezpośredniej, Movimento Mundial para a Democracia Directa, Всемирное Движение За Прямую Демократию, الحركة العـالمية للديمقراطية المبـاشرة, Värld-vid rörelse för Rikta Demokrati, 世界直接民主主义运动(世民运), Svjetski Pokret za Direktnu Demokratiju
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Direct Democracy is the basis of Quebec students' success
More on the 2012 Qubec student protests
Occupy Wall Street Movement - living laboratory of Direct Democracy:
A "history" of OWS
New York City General Assembly
The OWS Spokes Council
OWS live stream
News for 'Occupy Wall Street'
Follow online now: American journalists, direct democracy activists and election administrators tour Switzerland to see how the Swiss DD works.
Dr. Ted Becker invites you to check out his new book The Last, Lost Empire. It's a digital interactive book in the continuation of which its readers can participate.
Becker's Laws of Political Economy is a succinct formulation of the hurdles we are facing in our strive for real democracy.

EVERYWHERE, the people of planet Earth are angry, frustrated, and disappointed with their political systems, for dictators are still tyrants, and so-called democracies are undeniably and clearly undemocratic. Politics still favors the powerful, and political parties are not only filled with incompetent opportunists, but in this highly technological world they are obsolete.
Earth, people are weary of forked-tongued politicians, greedy, uncaring businessmen, and the continuous wars they initiate. Everywhere, people seek new ways to govern their societies; ways that would be more honest and just, promising a better and safer future for themselves and their children. They seek — and they are finding — new ways that do promise a better and safer future. Among these pioneers, the overwhelming consensus is that, of all these new ways, "Participatory" Democracy, also known as "Direct" Democracy, is the most promising path to that better future.
As described in detail in the WDDM Mission Statement, all WDDM members are dedicated to promoting an understanding of Direct Democracy's benefits and spreading its influence on planet Earth. The mission of this website is to become a central gathering place for international DD news, discussions, and assistance. If you have never visited us before, come on in, look around, and if you agree with our philosophies, please join us. You can also join or form local groups where you live and link to us. Our main goal is to develop a multilingual global network of websites and offline efforts committed to encouraging more direct democratic processes for public policy decision making.
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