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George Sagi
of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada passed away on January 7, 2015 at the age of 89. He will be remembered world-wide by many like-minded individuals who share his ideas.

George Sagi devoted many years of his life to thinking about how to create true participatory democracy. He established Participatory Direct Democracy Association of Canada, wrote several books on DD, and was very active in the beginnings of the WDDM.

George Kokkas of the Greek Direct Democratic movement is proposing to hold a
DD conference in memory of George Sagi:

Me and Greek Direct Democracy Movement are very sad to hear the announcement of the Great Direct Democrat and Author George Sagi's passing, leaving this kind of life and being heirs of his IMPORTANT thoughts about Direct Democracy.

We WISH to INVITE YOU to ATHENS in JUNE 2015 to TAKE PART in a MODERN CONFERENCE on DIRECT DEMOCRACY, DEDICATED to GEORGE SAGI. It will be exactly 15 years after the Establishment of WDDM in Athens and Delphi (June 2000) and we may have strong support from our next Government, as we may change the government in the Jan. 25 elections in Greece! We hope that the new government will apply an approach to direct democracy, according to the official beliefs of the political party (SYRIZA) that is probably going to win these elections.

Our attempts to assist this procedure are expressed in the following Greek sites that may be easily translated by translating machines:

www.dimopolis.gr - the official site of the Greek Direct Democracy Movement, part of WDDM, that participated officially in the Euro-Parliament elections of 2004, 2009 and 2014.

www.dimovoulio.gr - the official site of the Greek Citizens' Assembly, acting since 11/11/11 for social monitoring and Citizens Initiatives, according to the Rules of Ancient Athens' 500 Citizens Vouli.

www.s120s.gr - the official site of the political alliances of Greek Direct Democracy Movement and 3D Democracy (Digital-Deliberative-Direct)

www.heliaea.gr - the official site of Legal Activism, created by Greek Direct Democracy Movement and its Legal Representative George L. Kokkas, Attorney-at-Law, Founding Member of WDDM.

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