WDDM Worldwide Direct Democracy Movement : Elections and Votings
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(Currently inactive, archived with the whole WDDM site.
May be made functional again if there were interest or purpose for it.)
Archived/frozen on: 14 Jan 2013 19:06 EST
This is the WDDM voting system.
Only WDDM members can vote in the WDDM Elections and Votings.
If you are a WDDM member, you have to log in first before you can vote. See above.

Current votings:

      Will an 'Association of Independents Web Platform' be useful on the WDDM website?
      Should the WDDM mailing list be temporarily moderated? (closed)
      Link to Peace 365 (closed)
      What is DIRECT DEMOCRACY (DD) (closed)
      Scores for US Presidential candidates (closed)
      Vote on motion that WDDM engage in the US Presidential race (closed)
      Referendum on an executive board decision (closed)
      What should be WDDM goals and future activities?
      Elections evaluation - demo of Board decisions approval (closed)
      WDDM Executive Board Elections (closed)
      Selection of the method for the WDDM Board elections (closed)
      WDDM Voting System Demonstration: Range Voting Elections
      WDDM Voting System Demonstration: Plurality Method Elections
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