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Παγκόσμιο Κίνημα Άμεσης Δημοκρατίας, Celosvětové Hnutí za Přímou Demokracii, Internationale Bewegung für direkte Demokratie, Movimiento Mundial por la Democracia Directa, Mouvement International pour la Démocratie Directe, Movimento Mondiale per la Democrazia Diretta, 世界的直接民主制運動, Światowy Ruch na rzecz Demokracji Bezpośredniej, Movimento Mundial para a Democracia Directa, Всемирное Движение За Прямую Демократию, الحركة العـالمية للديمقراطية المبـاشرة, Värld-vid rörelse för Rikta Demokrati, 世界直接民主主义运动(世民运), Svjetski Pokret za Direktnu Demokratiju
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This is work in progress (still under discussion, will be resubmitted for general approval when full consensus is achieved). It is an improved version (as of April 21, 2007) of the Mission first adopted during the Second International Congress on Direct Democracy, in Delphi, Greece, June 21-25, 2000. Inconsistencies discovered in the original formulation are corrected in this improved version.

We, the members of the Worldwide Direct Democracy Movement, dedicate ourselves to work toward the introduction of Direct Democracy (DD) into the representative systems, through Citizens Initiatives and Referendums, and, ultimately, transform them peacefully to true democracies of the people, who have the right to directly perform lawmaking and other governmental functions in any polity in which they live. We aim to inspire others to join us and help to develop principles and participatory methods leading to direct democracy (DD) of the people.


1.1   People are sovereign, and they are the only legitimate authority to govern their society.

1.2   The power to formulate laws and policies must be vested directly in the People at all levels of societal life.

1.3   Every person have equal right and opportunity to participate in public affairs.

1.4   The people shall define major societal issues and policy alternatives when they are based on well-informed choices.

    1.4.1   Public opinion can be easily influenced by vested interests and money. Therefore, we oppose such manipulations. Public debates must be factual, balanced, impersonal and non-manipulative.

    1.4.2   Each issue must be presented and considered independently and its best alternative be selected strictly on its own merit.

1.5   We advocate and will work toward the creation of a whole spectrum of tools that will facilitate the direct participation of every person in public affairs and governance, such as (but not limited to) peoples initiatives, referenda, recalls, planning cells and nested networks, citizens juries, citizens forums, wisdom councils, electronic voting.

1.6   Individuals and families must be made acquainted, from 'bottom up', with sensible educational tools to understand social morality, the common needs and interests of all, thereby, enable them to make knowledge-based societal policies.

1.7   We advocate peaceful and gradual transformation of society into genuine democracy.

1.8   We are against any form of aggression and violence, but we support the right of the people to defend themselves, if and when, they are attacked.

1.9   We advocate respectful dialogue and constructive proposals.

1.10   Voting and gathering signatures can take place by secure electronic methods, therefore, we endeavor to have them legally established.

1.11   The results of public decisions will constitute the body of the law.