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Re: Elections
Posted by: MiKolar (IP Logged)
Date: February 19, 2008 11:20PM

nicothed   wrote:
Then, why not join our forces with other DD movements (myverdict, enitiatives, fixmystreet, beppegrillo.it, etc.), maybe even try to unite them (big challenge... winking smiley.
I agree - it should be our priority to unite all existing initiatives.

I agree that we still do not have a clear definition of DD except able to most.
The problem is that people mostly just want to chat and only promote their own views/definitions/etc. - the same situation that was here apparently since the beginning of WDDM - and are not willing to make compromises acceptable to majority.

What about allowing to all members to post new questions for deliberation (create new votings) in the Voting System, right-side panel (COMMON POSITIONS, DELIBERATIONS). So that everybody can try to formulate more precise questions?
But e.g. in the case of "What is DD" voting, everybody could suggest alternative (better) answers then the two initial ones, and nobody tried.

mk, [democracy.mkolar.org]

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