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Re: Elections
Posted by: nicothed (IP Logged)
Date: February 18, 2008 10:04PM

Dear all,

It is true that the board has not done much this year (to my knowledge and judgment). I am probably one of the top culprits, due to a total lack of time.

If I was to point out some of the issues that I have seen as a newcomer, just after last year's elections, are:
- No or few conclusions. Today, (I think) that we still don't know exactly what is DD and what the Board should do. It is hard to move forward in these settings
- too much theoretical debate, flaming and unnecessary nice words ("please give up", etc.) which does not make me feel enter a discussion

IMHO, WDDM should decide once and forever on what is DD (and the vote "What is DIRECT DEMOCRACY (DD)" where 5 people voted with the outcome "DD is a socio-political structure concentrating the Legislation directly and exclusively in the hands of people" is still too vague, but again, I might have missed something.

Then, it should, wherever possible, promote DD by actions, but maybe for this we are too small. Then, why not join our forces with other DD movements (myverdict, enitiatives, fixmystreet, beppegrillo.it, etc.), maybe even try to unite them (big challenge... winking smiley.

Again, this is the quick opinion of a not-active-enough member (just trying to help),


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