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Re: Elections
Posted by: BrEggum (IP Logged)
Date: February 20, 2008 01:52AM

Mirek, I think we do not have time to consider a merge or other issue. We are planning the May election.

WDDM was founded as a group. This group has never gotten organized to take care of itself. There will be further financial expenses. Fortunately you Mirek and others have donated time and money to keep this site up. So one area we must develop is to become financially responsible. To do this it has always been a goal to be registered as a non-profit org. This also keeps the tax collectors from imagining we are making money. ha ha

As the WEB gets more sophisticated, we will have to do this so it is best to do it on our time.

We must have a Board of Directors, Policy and Procedures to be registered.

So, we are going to have an election in May and now we are preparing for it.

We can link to and advocate these other groups. Before we could "merge" it would be wise to investigate their financial affairs and share ours so WDDM did not merge into some huge debt which we would than be liable for.

If we can not figure out how to run this small operation, we do not need a bigger one. A large site, with many "views" and members would take more band width and cost. If we merge do we need a different server, update computers and accessories? Do we need bigger pipes?

If someone wanted to "MERGE", that person could collect the needed information, determine how we could work together to develop one site. They could than submit their proposal as an Initiative for WDDM to consider.

This would take compromise, something this group is not known for.

Regards, Bruce Eggum

Bruce Eggum Wisconsin USA

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