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Initiative on WDDM Charter
Posted by: BrEggum (IP Logged)
Date: May 02, 2009 12:57PM

Initiative on Democracy and WDDM Charter and AIM

I believe our discussions have led us away from our original intent.

Democracy, Greek, ‘rule by the people’ or majority rules. Of course modern democracy has rightfully provided for minority rights etc.

The Axiom “the people have the right to petition their government” provides the tool needed to establish methods for the people to rule their Territory, their Community.

The citizens of any community, nation, territory of people can meet [assemble] and write a petition [initiative] to establish themselves as their ruling authority.

WDDM can support this process by providing information and endorsing their efforts.

WAT then?

Obviously the people must establish a process for them to deliberate and decide as well as assert their decisions.

The Initiative and Binding Referendum process is a proven method and would be a good beginning. Once I&BR is established, the people could develop and change this governing process in whatever way they choose.

Therefore I propose that WDDM reinstate the original founding document as the WDDM Charter. [tinyurl.com]

We, members of the Continuing International Congress on Direct Democracy (CICDD) decided during our second Congress in Delphi, Greece, the birthplace of democracy, to establish a formal Worldwide Direct Democracy Movement. We dedicate ourselves to work toward the introduction of Direct Democracy (DD) into the representative systems, through Citizens Initiatives and Referendums, and, ultimately, transform them peacefully to true democracies of the people. We pledge ourselves to remain faithful to genuine democratic principles as expressed in our Mission Statement. We aim to inspire others to join us and help to develop principles and methods leading to direct democracy (DD) of the people. We have been and will remain dedicated members of CICDD and share our ideals and proposals with all participants in the Network, individuals, and families.

Please comment with any objection [edited 14 May 2009 delete following: I am looking for seconds and than a referendum on this Initiative [sociocoracy.]]
Sincerely, Bruce Eggum

Bruce Eggum Wisconsin USA

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