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Re: Initiative on WDDM Charter
Posted by: WebMaster (IP Logged)
Date: May 31, 2009 11:13AM

Bruce Eggum sent on May 14, 2009 a reply to the previous post only by email to wbm@world-wide-democracy.net
So I am copying it here:

ParrhesiaJoe said: "This is exactly the opposite of the truth."
WOW what a nasty way to start the day. You accuse me of dishonesty. I do not intend to continue discussion with abusive people. You have shown your true strips. You do not want to deliberate, you want to dictate.

Many of us have had experience. A community needs a school, or increase tax for police, fire, hospitals. How does that work? Has 100% or 90% agreed? Get real please. Factions are any group of people. Party faction's are simply a name of a group. Look at all the "factions"; churches, university's, acedemics, bankers, loan and credit cards, plumbers, auto manufactures, tradespeople, farmers, physicians, teachers,the list goes on and on each with their own "special need". Which can be afforded? Which one has priority? 100% or 90% agree????

Other remarks you make, clearly show why an Initiative and Binding Referendum system in the hands of the people is absolutely necessary. That is the only thing WDDM is advocating. The other reason WDDM only advocates I&BR is because all the infrastructure about politics and politicians is within the power of the community/territory of citizens within that area. WDDM has no right to tell those community/territory's anything. That is their affair. If you have a system and it has been adopted in your jurisdiction fine. If you have a system you want to sell the world, create a website and sell it to the world. Than if the world buys it, it is their choice. But NO you do not have the right to impose your "system" on anyone and certainly not WDDM.

Regards, Bruce


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