3rd International Conference on Direct Democracy, Prague, Sept. 16-18, 2005

Another report by Filia

First day, Friday, Sept. 16

Conference has started in the late afternoon as planned with a get-together dinner and mutual exchange of materials and proposals to be discussed during the conference proceedings.


  1. Jiri Polak, Sweden/Czechia
  2. Filia den Hollander, Netherlands
  3. George Kokkas, Greece
  4. Lee Gottlieb, USA
  5. Josef Hromadko, Czechia
  6. Lubor Karlik, Czechia
  7. Heiko Dittmer, Belgium/Germany
  8. Domitila Barbolla, Spain
  9. Leopoldo Salgui, Spain
  10. Miroslav Kolar, Canada/Czechia

A few photos from the first day:

Second day, Sept. 17

9:00am - 12:30am
Presentation and discussion of eight different models of Future Democracy (by Mohssen Massarrat, George Sagi, Jaroslav Koci, Michael N. Mautner, Jiri Polak, Bernard Clayson, Lee Gottlieb, Ted Becker, George Kokkas).
Discussion on structured Citizen Deliberation: Citizen Juries, Planning Cells and Human and virtual communities of common interest.
14:30pm - 17:45pm
DD progress in various countries:
Leopoldo: Spain (video clip 2.9MB)
George: Greece (video clip 5.2MB)
Mirek: Canada and other territories (Russia)
Lee: USA; also presenting his proposal for a new International Organization to promote DD
18:30pm - 21:00pm
Working group on the future of the WDDM: Preparation of the proposal to establish a WDDM Educational Organization.

Second day participants:

Jiri, Mirek, Lee, Filia, George, Heiko, Josef, Leopoldo

A few more photos:

Good working atmosphere, feeling of progress being done.

Third day, Sept. 18

9:00am - 11:15am
Filia: Citizen's Constitution for EU
Discussion, including the French Model of the last WDD Newsletter. It was decided (i) to dedicate a WDDM page to collect input for alternative People's EU Constitution, and (ii) to organize an EU café.
11:30am - 1pm
Plenary discussion of the present WDDM members of the previous evening working group proposal to establish a WDDM Educational Organization. No clear consensus was achieved on this issue in the short time available. It was decided to continue the discussion on this subject on the Internet on the WDDM site (Wiki).

Participants: the same as on the previous day plus Domitila Barbolla (Spain) and Jan Samohyl (Czechia).

Afternoon program: organized by the Czech Movement for DD (HzPD), in Czech.

14:10pm - 15:00pm
Presentation and discussion of HzPD's draft of the Czech Citizen's Constitution.
15:10pm - 18:30pm
Presentation by the coordinating committee for the founding of a new Czech political party DEMOKRACIE, the program of which is to introduce Direct Democracy in the Czech Republic.