Report by Filia den Hollander, September 20, 2005


I. 3rd International Conference on Direct Democracy in Prague
16-18 September 2005, conference

II. Hivos in ‘The Blue House’
19 September 2005, talk with organisation for (3rd world) development co-operation on the subject of funding EVERYONE’S A CITIZEN, BABY

I. Conference on DD in Prague

General, things discussed (fragmentary notes by me):

New laws should be developed by: minister + specialist groups + burgerforum
Education on the benefits of direct democracy (DD = initiative and referendum, sometimes also planning cells and participatory budgeting is included in the term DD)
Models for Future Democracies have been discussed (I will scan them and put them on the website
Local citizen advisory committee (ref. Lee’s model) = detail + bottom-up complemented by national citizen advisory committee = grote lijnen / overview of projects which cover larger areas (remark I noted down but didn’t mention in discussion)
Leopoldo: we have 2 main topics at hand here: (1) to discuss new models), (2) to report actual political situation, i.e. education on un-democratic current situation
-popular initiative
-participative budget
Brainstorm: what can we do to bring the actual (political) situation to the attention of the people?
Active Humanism
Participative budgeting (= lower educated people / practical)  and  Referendum (= higher education / requires reading and theory before the vote)
Division of Power (ref. Model 4)
Question: is the model of the Division of Powers really still valuable (think of: recent conservative judge as appointed by Bush)?
Answer: Division of Powers is outdated as it works now
Leopoldo: the Constitution of Venezuela has a 4th and a 5th Power:
4th Power = controllers / audition general / moral power / inspector power (notes from Filia ;-)
5th Power = financial power
George: proposal for a 6th Power – media power ??
(NB this issue touches upon something mentioned by Ken Kostyo and me, when we discussed the possibility of a people’s EU Constitution, namely ‘Checks and balances’, the creation of new Chambers. View attachment)

Planning cells --> ad random selection of committee, small groups of people
Large scale discussions (Jiri)
Individual / household --> city level: there is a gap
Social Democrats = Capitalist Left  (!!)
Proposal George / Greek organisation: to recognise all citizen entities (??)
-to form a Chamber of Civil Society – for making the pre-resolutions

(MORE LATER. I’m off to sleep now.)

In addition:
Heiko at lunch – why politicians accept participative budgeting easier than binding referenda

Basically what I’ve done was give a historical overview of how EVERYONE’S A CITIZEN, BABY came into being, explain why from a direct democratic background (= political context) I had chosen to develop this project in a cultural context, explain the function of ‘The Blue House’, and, inform on the current state of affairs, including 2 EU Cafés.
Two details:

Agreements / decisions:
* WDDM (Worldwide Direct Democracy Movement) reserves a special section on its website for EVERYONE’S A CITIZEN, BABY,
* An EU Café will take place with members of WDDM on models for the EU Constitution (view above). Place can be Prague, Amsterdam, Siberia (Mirek), Las Vegas (Lee and his wife Fran)....

In addition:
Leopoldo at lunch – matter of self-determitation (Friesland, Catalonia)

Overall feeling:
A successful Conference

II. Hivos

Bottom line is that Hivos/Teyo van der Schoot understands how the improvement of democracy (thus the EVERYONE’S A CITIZEN, BABY project) is indirectly meaningful to the ‘Southern Countries’; by which he means all the countries where Hivos does development work. However, in this phase (i.e. as a result of my yesterday’s conversation with Teyo van der Schoot) EVERYONE’S A CITIZEN, BABY can only apply for financial support for sub-projects which have a direct connection with the ‘Southern Countries.’

Two details of the conversation:

Result: slight feeling of disappointment however contact established.