The Future of WDDM

Results of the deliberations of the WDDM members present at the Prague conference

  • George Kokkas considers himself a WDDM member with uninterrupted membership since 2000. As such he was an active member of the Prague 2005 WDDM deliberations. He thinks that all other founding members should be considered members irrespective of whether they applied for membership renewal in April 2005 or not. It would still be desirable that everybody who wants to be considered a WDDM member, indicated so personally.
  • An agreement was achieved on the following issues:
    1. WDDM will continue under the present (historical) name World-wide Direct Democracy Movement.
    2. The seat of WDDM would be Athens, Greece.
    3. WDDM will use as its provisional logo a variation of the logo of the Greek DD organization (a concentric double "D" with a time piece inside). The final WDD logo will be chosen by a world-wide competition, expected to generate interest in the WDDM.
    4. The youth is a primary concern (target) for WDDM as they are the future. Therefore WDDM should establish a real (physical-world) organization (as its section or arm) dedicated to education. It was decided to call this organization the WDDM Educational Organization.
    5. The seat of the WDDM Educational Organization (WDDM EO) can be (will probably be) different from the seat of the WDDM itself. It should be desirably be associated with an university.
    6. We are involved in a project trying to change the future from a hierarchical to a democratic (horizontal) structure. Thus a non-hierarchical model (chart) should be used to describe WDDM (and WDDM Educational Organization). A chart of concentric circles was proposed.
  • Opinions are solicited from all WDDM members on the following issues, on which no agreement was achieved yet:
    1. Right now only the Trademark World-wide Direct Democracy Movement (WDDM) is registered. It was proposed to register also the WDDM itself as an association (movement). To do so (under the Greek law), it has to has a number of officers. Do we need such a structure? What officers are needed? Following roles/officers were proposed:
      - Moderator and secretary
      - Institutional affairs
      - Relations with NGOs and social movements
      - Editor of newsletter
      - Conferences and events
    2. Similarly, what would be the structure and the officers of the WDDM EU? Proposed were:
      - Executive director
      - Coordinating committee
      - Communication and publishing officer
      - Education officer
      - Student interns
      WDDM EO's prime target would be schools, young students and the youth sphere in general.

Recorded by Mirek with the help of Filia and George.