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Re: DD Constitutions
Posted by: BrEggum (IP Logged)
Date: April 25, 2008 02:46PM

Dear Roy,

We are plagued by our delusions. I would like to think that all people want to vote. But that ain't the way it is. For whatever reason, we can count on only about 40% of eligible voters voting unless there is a hot issue, than maybe 50%.

So, Missedville with eligible voters numbering 100,000, can expect 40,000 to 50,000 votes in a major election. Some of these people, perhaps 10% [400 - 500] would participate in a recall or initiative referendum. I suggest that these people are most concerned about the community and are unlikely to be swayed by media or bribery.

The same with your neat site. Not many participate, but more will participate as cyber tools are used. A small percent will be active, but many will come view it. Democracy takes time. If only 40 - 50% will vote once a year, what percentage will actively participate once a month? Perhaps those choosing to be active really do represent their community, really can make good initiatives, and the community really will vote annually or semiannually to approve or junk those referendums.

Look at the US and Bush. Violation of the Constitution is surly an impeachable offense, yet no proceedings were done. The people do not have to determine guilt, they only request a trial to determine if Bush was indeed guilty of charges. The people would not even vote to have the trial! Even now with millions killed, the lies exposed, our economy in ruin, our infrastructure shattered, unending war, STILL no major momentum to impeach. Recently I hear 70% think bush is failing, but there is no strong movement to impeach.

If the recall was wrong, so what? All it does is replace a person with a person.
If a decision to change the Constitution is wrong, so what?
With 50% + 1 it can be changed back or changed better.

If you make the process so tight, nothing can be changed or fixed.


Bruce Eggum Wisconsin USA

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