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Re: DD Constitutions
Posted by: RoyDaine (IP Logged)
Date: April 25, 2008 06:02AM


You seem to have missed the point.

Decisions would still be taken because legislative power is vested in the council. The people can force their representatives to advocte a specific position if and when they demonstrate an 'overwhelming' majority.

We elect representatives to make decisions on our behalf. There must be some measure of trust that they will carry out their duties responsibly.

The business of governance must be able to continue.

Now, while I'm a firm believer in direct democracy, it is apparent that it would be virtually impossible to get any sort of majority, on any issue, from the people.

They simply, as a whole, can not be bothered. So in the normal case of events, we must let the council get on with its job.

'Enforcement of Advocacy' however, gives the people the power to make the decision, on any issue, where they choose to use it.

The overwhelming requirement is necessary I feel, in order to stop a minority holding an inordinate amount of power.

I refer to previous arguments on majorities.

If a vote is split 50% to 50%, then 1% of the voters have the power. Only 1% need to be persuaded, possibly by underhand means, to vote a certain way.

There is no point in having a small minority hold the power of decision making, we've already elected a representative to do that.


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