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Re: A definition of DD?
Posted by: MiKolar (IP Logged)
Date: March 28, 2008 08:47PM

One more point: I'd like to remind the purpose of the exercise to arrive at the definition of DD:

It was started because we found that everybody talks about DD, but different people often meant something quite different by this term, which naturally led to misunderstandings. The intention was to find out with what definition most of the WDDM members would be comfortable, then to put the definition somewhere on our web in the hope that people will in the future refer to the same thing when they use this term.

It was not explicitly said that this definition should refer to our long-term ideal political system (I personally thought that it was clear). Does anybody have any problems with this?

But maybe it is a futile exercise after all, to hope that we can agree on something.

As PVR suggested, I can easily start another voting to rate various DD definitions, maybe an "open" one this time so people have no problems with forgotten personal voting keys, to accompany this discussion. Again it would be possible to add new alternative definitions.
Can I get at least one more second for this (one more besides PVR)?


mk, [democracy.mkolar.org]

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