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Re: A definition of DD?
Posted by: RoyDaine (IP Logged)
Date: March 28, 2008 06:20AM

Hi folks,
It has become apparent to me, that there are not enough people enamoured of DD, to suppose that it will happen anywhere, any time soon.

Following this thread, some of which has been ridiculous, I can understand the opinion of those who think 'the people' incapable of deciding their own governance.

Many seem to be obsessing on their own version of DD and keep trying to force their agenda on others.

For my own part, I have started a project with Fred Gohlke, in which we are trying to forge a constitution for a small community, with an electorate of 10,000, using ideas we've discussed and using real-world examples where possible.

It may be published online in the future or it may stay as a personal project.

We started on opposite sides of the fence re DD, our differences semingly insurmountable. As we've progressed we've both crossed the fence somewhat and on occasion seem to be arguing the opposite point of view to the one we first held.

Now in this thread I've heard about Switzerland, Kibbutzes, shadow parliaments, assemblies and monetary policy.

No facet of DD will be put into place anywhere, just because you mention it or you believe it's a good idea or because somebody else has tried something similar.

You want an assembly or a shadow parliament? Saying we ought to have one is not enough. How is it set up? Exactly. Who sets it up. What or who do the members represent? Exactly. How are decisions made? What is the qualifying majority. What exactly are the powers of the people. How, exactly, do they exercise these powers.

In other words, write your constitution, there are plenty of examples out there, that will show various methods of how they are composed and what is required of them.

Having written it, try and envisage some realistic ways of transferring from a known system, in a known community to your constitution.

If you cannot do this or you are unwilling to try, you might as well go to the pub and argue about religion

All the Best


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