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Re: Getting down to action
Posted by: RoyDaine (IP Logged)
Date: September 29, 2007 02:11AM

I specifically stated in my explanation of the administrative divisions in the UK, That that system was confusing. MP's represent constituencies in parliament. Local government has seperate administrative divisions, basically, county and local authority district. A constituency could spread across two counties. If both types of admin division were catered for at myverdict.net you could have a situation where the same issue was subject to two different votes by the same people. myverdict.net is not and never was intended to be an 'official' platform. It was designed to canvas majority opinion on any and every issue, as raised by the users. If used by a large user base results can be extrapolated and produced in reports. It may not change anything but it will give the 'people' and their representatives an indication on what the majority opinion is. How the people and their representatives use the information, is entirely up to them. I understand there is a need to eventually provide a perfect platform that can be 'official' but despite the quality posts on this website, you seem unable to decide even what to put on the front page of the site. (This is not a criticism of WDDM). I read through most of the site yesterday and was reminded of the Monty Python film 'The life of Brian', where members of their organisation couldn't remember whether they were the PPLO or the POPL or whatever.

'Identifying themselves
by their name/user name and electoral area should be a minimum
requirement. I think if one is serious about wanting a True Democracy one should
be bold enough to stand by his/her views, in the event of being
questioned by the ruling power of the day. The opinions are for common good
and within the fundamental right of expression, which I believe exists
in most democracies. '

Try telling that to the pople of Burma or Zimbabwe or North Korea.

In conclusion, some of your ideas for a true democracy, seem to be naive and dangerous.
Best Regards

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