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Initiatives - Secretariat
Posted by: BrEggum (IP Logged)
Date: July 01, 2007 09:19PM

Secretariat Initiative

A WDDM Secretary shall be elected. Following the election the new Secretary along with the WDDM Board shall develop a Job Description for WDDM Secretary. The completed Job Description will be presented for comment, than posted for Referendum (approval) by WDDM Members.

Realizing our cyber meetings are “different” there are some processes which we must still do for accountability. The following are rules for an Assembly which comes from Robert's Rules of Order Revised by General Henry M. Robert, 1915 Version, Public Domain

The organizational meeting shows the first step is to select a chairperson, the second step is to elect a Secretary who is charged with keeping minutes. Unfortunately WDDM lacks a Secretary.

I believe WDDM needs a Secretary who will be given the responsibility of the following job description. Of course this needs a bit of amendment to make it work with our cyber meetings.
Therefore I propose the following Initiative:

A WDDM Secretary shall be elected. Following the election the new Secretary along with the WDDM Board shall develop a Job Description for WDDM Secretary. The completed Job Description will be presented for comment, than posted for Referendum (approval) by WDDM Members

The following is the suggested job description from the above author
59. Secretary, or Clerk. The recording officer is variously called Clerk, or Secretary, or Recording Secretary (where there is also a Corresponding Secretary), or Recorder, or Scribe, etc. The secretary is the recording officer of the assembly and the custodian of its records except such as are specifically assigned to others, as the treasurer's books. These records are open, however, to inspection by any member at reasonable times, and where a committee needs any records of a society for the proper performance of its duties, they should be turned over to its chairman. The same principle applies in boards and committees, their records being accessible to members of the board or committee, as the case may be, but to no others.
[This of course can be kept on the secure WDDM Website and available to members.]
In addition to keeping the records of the society and the minutes of the meetings, it is the duty of the secretary to keep a register, or roll, of the members and to call the roll when required; to notify officers, committees, and delegates of their appointment, and to furnish committees with all papers referred to them, and delegates with credentials; and to sign with the president all orders on the treasurer authorized by the society, unless otherwise specified in the by-laws. He should also keep one book in which the constitution, by-laws, rules of order, and standing rules should all be written, leaving every other page blank; and whenever an amendment is made to any of them, in addition to being recorded in the minutes it should be immediately entered on the page opposite to the article amended, with a reference, in red ink, to the date and page of the minutes where it is recorded.
In addition to the above duties, when there is only one secretary, it is his duty to send out proper notices of all called meetings, and of other meetings when necessary, and to conduct the correspondence of the society, except as otherwise provided. Where there is a Corresponding Secretary these duties devolve on him, as well as such others as are prescribed by the by-laws. The by-laws should always clearly define the additional duties of the corresponding secretary if any are to be imposed on him. When the word "secretary" is used it always refers to the recording secretary if there is more than one.
The secretary should, previous to each meeting, for the use of the chairman, make out an order of business [65], showing in their exact order what is necessarily to come before the assembly. He should also have, at each meeting, a list of all standing committees, and such special committees as are in existence at the time, as well as the by-laws of the organization and its minutes. His desk should be near that of the chairman, and in the absence of the chairman (if there is no vice president present), when the hour for opening the session arrives, it is his duty to call the meeting to order, and to preside until the election of a chairman pro tem., which should take place immediately. He should keep a record of the proceedings, stating what was done and not what was said, unless it is to be published, and never making criticisms, favorable or otherwise, on anything said or done. This record, usually called the minutes, is kept as explained in the next section. When a committee is appointed, the secretary should hand the names of the committee, and all papers referred to it, to the chairman of the committee, or some other of its members. He should indorse on the reports of committees the date of their reception, and what further action was taken upon them, and preserve them among the records, for which he is responsible. It is not necessary to vote that a report be "placed on file," as that should be done without a vote, except in organizations that habitually keep no records except their minutes and papers ordered on file.
Organization, Meetings, and Legal Rights of Assemblies.
Art. XII. Organization and Meetings.
69. An Occasional or Mass Meeting.
(a) Organization
(b) Adoption of Resolutions
(c) Committee to Draft Resolutions
(d) Semi-Permanent Mass Meeting
70. A Permanent Society
(a) First Meeting
(b) Second Meeting
(c) Regular Meeting
71. Meeting of a Convention.
(a) An Organized Convention
(b) A Convention not yet Organized


I suggest the WDDM Board ask for volunteers for this position.

Bruce Eggum Wisconsin USA

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