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There is much in COMMENTS and the latest Feb 16 2007 on Somo

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John Seales latest on the Solomon Islands.
The Solomon Star is privately owned by a SI family. Increasingly it and the SIBC, which is also privately owned by locals, are coming under the influence of RAMSI. RAMSI does this under the pretext of training their journalists. Can’t see what that has to do with policing!

We can’t engage in any defensive tactics as we need to keep below Howard’s and Downer’s radar, at least til we’ve finished writing the SI economics course. And now we’re also engaged in a larger project of which the SISE course is a part. The whole is called SUM; after Alexander Hamilton’s Society for Useful Manufactures, refer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Society_for_the_Establishment_of_Useful_Manufactures

The Solomons Useful Manufactures project is centred on new infrastructure for transport, telecommunications, and electricity from renewable resources; hydro and OTEC; refer: http://www.nrel.gov/otec/applications.html and http://www.nrel.gov/otec/what.html and from that base branching out with downstream projects that will make SI self sufficient in food, clothing and building materials.

It’s an exciting project, and the first National Systems project since Japan (1870s onwards) and Taiwan (1902 and 1945 onwards).

There is no government funded TV, radio or any other media except the PM & Cabinet website that RAMSI seems to share. Under the new IP telecommunications infrastructure we’ll make provision for a government HDTV, digital radio and news facility.

It’s increasingly tough for the Sogavare government as Australia has effectively declared war on it. The dirty front-line players in SI are the union bosses, one of whom is married to Mary-Louise O’Callaghan the Australian journalist who received a Walkley award for her work on the Sandline affair. There are paper bags stuffed with cash being offered to Sogavare’s coalition to get them to join the Opposition and the money trail leads through the Unions back to Australia. Soon there will be a motion of No Confidence moved.
-- MartinJackson (2007-02-16 20:26:42)