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World and local Assembly's
Posted by: BrEggum (IP Logged)
Date: July 29, 2009 03:05PM

Overcoming the King and his Men [a plan for World democracy]

Initially women were valued and fiercely protected as they supply essential food for the child. Men were physically powerful but expendable. The more powerful became “king” with his supporters to protect him. The king seeking more power overtook other groups and community’s which were than attached to his ‘kingdom’. This war-ring continues to this day.

We still cling to this ancient hierarchy. This method allows an “elite” few to be “top dogs”. The rest of us are underlings, slaves. Why do we still follow this way?
To reduce the war-ring, communities united together forming states and nations. The kings of these communities’s made compromises so they got along. However, the first paid was still the king, and the decisions were made by the elite king and his men.

Those seeking a decision which favored their interests soon learned to barter with the decision makers, bringing favors and gifts. The “Elite” were created, and their ego’s soon blossomed. The Elite believed they alone can make decisions for the world. Of course they demand remuneration for their “expertise.”

Democracy = The people rule. But the people do not rule in “representative democracy” where the king and his men model rule. The people can have a democratic government only if they meet together in Assembly and together decide the infrastructure and work necessary for their community. We may make the plans and decisions, than appoint, hire, elect a group of people to carry out our decisions. [Government] All people monitor our community affairs correcting as needed. In this way, the people maintain ultimate control of their community. [Democracy]

This was our original “Tribal Ways” (we were all in tribes). A General Council was held which included everyone. Problems were discussed, solutions developed and the one most favored was implemented.

With Cyber Space technology, we can accomplish this. We must form Assembly’s of our community [local, state, nation] but also for the World. We than must develop a Constitution which declares our Principles. We define minority rights, human rights, liberty, respect of natural resources, methods of democratic decision making and more. This Constitution will define limits to our decisional power so that our world is not harmed by our decisions. This simple safeguard overcomes the “fear of democracy”.
We can begin right now. Discuss this concept of Assembly of the World with everyone. Ask them to join groups and develop this concept. As we grow in understanding and development we will reach a point of validation.

Bruce Eggum Wisconsin USA

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