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The Significance of our efforts for DD
Posted by: PVR (IP Logged)
Date: April 03, 2008 02:20AM

Dear All,
The paradox we are facing is that while many people would agree that DD is desirable, when it comes to action on ground most of them would have second thoughts. It is as if they would prefer to wait and watch rather than getting involved in, say, 'trying to move a mountain'.

To understand this situation we need to first know why many of us seek to usher in DD. Why can't we go about our daily routine as most people seem to decide wisely? Or is it a matter of time before we reach our limits and then take a 'wise' decision?

Everything in this world can be seen to fit into one of two streams. One is moving towards 'peace' the core of our reality, the final resting place of our 'heart' or 'soul'. The other is moving outwards towards the material world through our senses and the mind.

Individuals who believe in the centrality of 'peace', feel kinship with the rest of humanity and seek conditions conducive to attaining the goal of universal peace and harmony. Others who tend to believe in the centrality of the material world would consider conditions leading to mastery of the latter worth pursuing.

Most people are in between these two extremes; they believe in a balance between spiritual and material aspects of life both being unavoidable. The institutions man has created, right from the family to the society, the nation and the international bodies - all have these two streams contained within them. The outward material vision is by nature analytic and divisive. The inward spiritual vision is by nature integrative and unifying.

It does not matter towards which end one is at present. There may be many reasons for a person being more spiritual than material and vice versa. What matters for today's world is towards which direction a person or an institution is heading. Those who are inclined towards the spiritual end tend to be integrative and unifying in their thought and action, while those who are inclined towards the material end tend to be analytic and divisive in their thought and action, further aggravating the already divided world. While the former harness their heart the latter harness their mind.

Since the purpose of DD is to counter the false and usher in the true, to fight injustice by empowering people to exert their rights, it is basically inclined towards the spiritual end of the spectrum. It is therefore natural that DD faces indifference if not resistance in today's world that is predominantly inclined towards the material end. When 'money power' is the dominant force, talking about matters related to 'soul power' would naturally be out of place.

The best way to propagate DD would be for the individual proponent to exert his influence on his neighbours through his own way of life. He can promote true democracy in whatever sphere of activity he is in and discourage authoritarianism. Harnessing the heart can be given preference over harnessing the mind. Such an approach would be meaningful in every sphere of activity like education, health, business and even the legal profession.

If he is inclined to do so, the proponent of DD can seek public office through election, from where the sphere of influence of his 'soul power' would be much more. The WDDM should give primacy to harnessing the heart and make it the undercurrent of all its efforts. We need to understand the significance of whatever we are doing and keep going.

If we base our decisions on the integrative and unifying qualities of our heart then we would be moving forward meaningfully. Let us decide on a comprehensive definition and an action plan that carries forward the idea. We can set up task forces to improve and integrate the initiatives already available. The charter itself may need some fine tuning.

May Peace be with us.


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