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WDDM Involvement in the upcoming US Presidential Race
Posted by: mantell (IP Logged)
Date: July 29, 2007 11:17AM

The following proposal was submitted by Mark Antell and seconded by WDDM members M. Kolar, T. Becker, and J Polak.

As a properly seconded proposal, it becomes a motion available for WDDM member voting at the following webaddress:


(click on 'Vote on Motion that WDDM Engage in the US Presidential Race).

MOTION for WDDM involvement in the upcoming US Presidential Race

WDDM should engage in the US Presidential race by publicly scoring the candidates according to the following scheme:
Level 2 - Supports initiative at the national level.
Level 1 - Supports electoral improvements including one of the following: election day registration, return of voting rights to felons after their term of imprisonment, non-partisan redistricting, and enhanced vote by mail.
Level 0 - No positions on initiative or electoral improvements
Level minus 1 - Opposed to electoral improvements

Candidate scoring shall be performed using information available on candidate web sites and Wikipedia. The executive board (subject as always to membership review) shall approve the scores to be posted on the WDDM board.


This motion was first submitted as an initiative proposal per the process outlined in our WDDM charter which includes:

1. Submission of a proposal to the WDDM Proposal Forum for discussion and solicitation of seconds on the WDDM Proposal and Initiatives Forum.
2. If three seconds are received the proposal may be submitted to the webmaster for posting as a motion for discussion and decision.
3. Webmaster posts the motion for discussion and vote. Motion either passes or fails thumbs upthumbs down.

This process is in the WDDM Charter and it is available for any relevant issue to all members of WDDM!

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