THOUGHTS (continued)

I envision an organization possessing three divisions: Administration, Education, Communications & Publishing.

The Administration Division is responsible for authorizing the creation and production of a DD textbook to be used in colleges and universities as well as literature to the general public promoting participatory democracy. The division's prime function is to promote the Institute's mission to colleges, universities, the progressive and non-profit spheres of society. Board members and officers are responsible for persuading college, university and, perhaps, highschool administrators to integrate the DD course and textbook within their political or government curricula.
The Communications & Publishing Division is responsible for keeping lines of communications open to all public spheres and for creating and publishing all the educational materials deemed necessary by the Institute's administrators. These include a textbook and a course of instruction titled "Direct Democracy As A Political Option". The contents would be based upon Professor Dienel's efforts and experiences testing Planning Cells in Germany, the Jefferson Centre's endeavors with Citizen Juries in the U.S., and would describe other DD experiments around the globe, such as British Columbia's attempt at a Citizens' Assembly, Spain's workingmans Mondragon Corporation's successes, and Brazil's Porto Alegro's experiment with participatory democracy.
This division also produces a course of instruction for the general population called "Take Control Of Your Political System: How To Make Citizen Advisory Committees Work and other promotional materials
. Enthusiasts understand the only chance for Direct Democracy to take root upon Earth is totally dependent upon, what seems to be, an insurmountable task of educating the public. But the task is not insurmountable, and it is the challenge met by the Education Division.
This division's core mission is to solicit students to become interns of the Institute. These students will be trained to perform one, or more, of four different functions.

  1. First: to become a working board member and/or officer of the Institute so that it will be possible to relinquish operation of the Institute to the younger generations as soon as feasible.

  2. Second: to become Advisory Committee Programmers and Moderators who will go where requested to assist in the initiation of DD political systems.

  3. Third: (for females) to go out into the world of females and spread the word that the only possible way to bring true equality, justice, and peace to planet Earth is for females to demand equal political authority with males in determining their society's priorities, and that establishing a bottom-up political system is the only practical way to produce such gender-equal societies.

  4. Fourth: to spread the word among the young non-students of our world.

This is my vision. It is merely the skeleton of an idea, upon which all future volunteers are expected to add the muscles and flesh. By developing the vision into an efficient, functioning educational organization, the Institute should become a viable force to help defeat the forces of greed and fascism and transform planet Earth into a safe, healthy environment populated by unequivocally free people.

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