by Lee Gottlieb

Originally presented at the
Continuing International Congress
on Direct Democracy Conference
Prague, September 2005


Times are changing. Everywhere, frustrated people demand more control over their lives, and everywhere governments slowly and reluctantly accede to these demands. People today know more about life than their parents did and they expect more from their leaders. New communications technologies not only emphasize the selfishness and cruelty by which they are ruled, but enable them also to see and understand that life is better for people of many other countries—and could be better for them.

Recent events have shown the inhabitants of Europe and of North and South America they face the same danger, the same enemy. Millions of people now understand the concept called "Global Free Trade" is merely a strategy created by a group of powerful, selfish men anxious to replace political rule of Earth by their economic rule.

Millions of ordinary people in Latin American countries have rejected the U.S. initiated Free Trade Agreements, and in Europe millions—recognizing its subversive intent—have rejected the proposed European Constitution. Citizen groups in many European countries are currently struggling to create a more just and humane constitution for proposal to the European community. In the United States, millions of angry citizens have marched to protest the concept of Global Free Trade.

Protesting and, perhaps, even defeating the concept of free trade will not solve the problems faced by ordinary citizens of Earth, for the concept of free trade and the conquest of the U.S. political system by a fascist group are merely two manifestations of the true problems. And what are these true problems? There are a number of them, but for purposes of this presentation, there is only one, and that is we common citizens of planet Earth—and by common I mean those of us without wealth, title, or authority—despite our greater numbers, passively accept the unjust, prejudicial political systems that keep us impoverished and ignorant of many crucial truths. But as I've just stated, "Times are changing."