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Mission: WDDMnet is a worldwide hub for the advocates of Direct Democracy (DD) to exchange information, experience and ideas from different parts of the world. Individuals are encouraged to join, or form, sub-groups in their own countries. Our goal is to develop a multilingual Globe-covering network of DD web sites linked to this site. 3rd Int. DD Conference

Call for the initial WDDM membership applications was issued on March 25, 2005.
Deadline is April 10, 2005.
See below and Archive for more details.

The idea to start a Worldwide Direct Democracy Movement (WDDM) was born at the very successfull 1st International Congress on Direct Democracy held in Pribram, the Czech Republic in 1998. WDDM was first time officially registered in Greece in 2000 (see Archive). After this successful start it has not been very productive in recent years because its members were not able to achieve a comfortable working consensus.

WDDMnet is a brain-child of the original WDDM, and it is expected to serve as a platform for the WDDM renewal. It is being started in a way that would build consensus from the very beginning, and put together an initial group of the WDDMnet (WDDM) members who would be comfortable with each other. The initial rules should encourage them to concentrate on what they have in common.

WDDMnet is being established and its Online Constituting Convention will be conducted under these Initial Rules:

  1. Each applicant is tentatively subscribed to the WDDMnet mailing list immediately after his/her membership application is received.
  2. After the April 10 deadline, all the applicants will be sent, through the WDDMnet mailing list, all the information submitted by all other applicants. They will then mutually review/accept/reject the applications of others.
  3. An applicant will be immediately accepted if not more than 20% of others will have any objections to her/his membership.
  4. An applicant will be immediately rejected if more than 50% of others are against her/his membership.
  5. In all other cases the membership application will be put on hold until a consensus corresponding to either 3. or 4. is established through the mailing list discussion in which the disputed candidate can participate.
  6. Similar approach will be used for other agenda:
    1. A motion is immediately implemented if it gets more than 80% of votes.
    2. A motion is immediately rejected and cannot be again tabled for a certain period of time if it gets less than 50% of votes.
    3. If a motion gets between 50% and 80% of votes, it can be further discussed until at least 80% of members are comfortable with its implementation. Only then it can be implemented.

If approved in the Online Constituting Convention, this consensus building approach could be also used for processing all the future membership applications, and for establishing any additional rules needed for the functioning of the WDDMnet (WDDM), when need arises to have such rules.

How to apply:

Send an empty e-mail by clicking here, and then follow the instructions that will be sent to you in the confirmation request: include in the body of the reply to the confirmation request a short "CV" containing information about yourself that could be of interest to the DD community (that is not yet in the "DD public domain") - and do not forgot your name! After the April 10 deadline, all the applications will be processed in the manner described above.

If you have any problems with this automated submission procedure (such e-mails can reportedly get labeled as spam by some Internet providers), just send us an ordinary e-mail with your short CV.

WDDMnet Activity and Operation

The rest of this page finally shows how the future home page of the WDDMnet could look like. This also gives an idea about the proposed WDDMnet activity. All this is just an initial proposal only, a "space holder". Everything will be eventually subject to the approval of members, and modified upon their request:

Official WDDMnet documents
(Materials agreed upon by all WDDMnet members will be placed here. Initial proposal: at least 80% of all WDDMnet members must approve placement of materials here.)
Individual Members' Public Area
(Here each member will get an area for which they will be solely responsible, where they can place for public display information/links/material of their own choosing. Webmaster will not interfere with this information.)
Links to Regional/National Resources (Direct Democracy movements, organizations, local coordinators):
A placeholder for the time being: List sorted by country, but listing together movements, organizations, literature, websites and even entities only loosely related to DD;   Most recent additions. This needs to be sorted out more thoroughly.

Please, send suggestions for new additions to or modifications of this list, or any other suggestions concerning this site to the webmaster.
We hope that eventually links to new regional WDDMnet sites (hubs, branches) administered by regional WDDM facilitators will appear here.

Other global DD resources:

Internal WDDMnet Matters

Web Ring

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The launch of this site was made possible largely thanks to the efforts of George Sagi!

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