of the Worldwide Direct Democracy Movement, WDDM

A Personal Initiative to Become Active and Effective

          In addition to my own concerns, I have been requested by a few founders of WDDM, as its first Spokesperson, to resurrect it from its inactivity. To my knowledge, we are the only group in the world that holds high the noble notion of direct democracy; rule by the people. All other DD organizations and individuals want to make democratic improvements within the existing representative political systems.

We know that this majestic goal cannot be speedily achieved under prevailing global conditions, not even in a single country. But direct democracy can be established in the governance of small groups and communities, towns, and gradually in governing cities and entire nations.

I took the initiative and being helped by a few dedicated direct democrats, we established a new official web-site for WDDM:  htpp://www.world-wide-democracy.net

It is hoped that replacing centralized management of WDDM with leaderships of national sub-units will be effective. The main goal is to become an active network in which the local groups will be active and support the compelling needs of the vast majority of ordinary citizens.

        This is an attempt to create a vibrant network of direct democrats all over the world, under the leadership of local facilitators. Your active support, new ideas and methods will be necessary to succeed. The proposed Action Plan of Renewal is a separate document that needs your support. Improvements of the proposal are welcomed and changes could be made by votes of the members.


I believe that during the transitional period WDDM should have a Central Coordinating Committee, CCC, to monitor the activities of national and local branches and assure that our operations are always in line with the Mission and the Principles. Another role of the CCC would be the coordination of the network, dissemination of successful practical methods, publicity, and official representation of our movement. Your ideas and proposals will enlarge the role of the central management.

National Groups should have National and Local Leaders, NL and LL, respectively. I believe that the leaders at all positions should have titles, such as Chairman, Director, Manager, etc. In the representative political environment such titles seem to be warranted to be on equal footing with the power bearers and present our ‘facilitators’ through the media.


        WDDM members are part of the common people at the bottom layer of society, unlike the leading elite that has high positions, money, political power, and military might. It is essential to lead the movement in the transitional period, until the people will be able to make their own decisions.  We should be relying in deliberative, educational exchanges, give up rigid attitudes, and let the people decide what is good for them, when they are, or will be, in a position to choose from our deliberations. The deliberative process is the recommended method for our Net, in the common interest of all, as opposed to the confrontational debating arguments of representatives with opposing goals and values.

        This is not a comprehensive plan, only and idea of recovering from inactivity through the foregoing and the Action Plan of Renewal. The Central Coordinating Committee, CCC, will be initially formedby those who helped me to get to this project launched and the original founders of WDDM. I need your approval to launch the process of renewal.

George Sagi, March 24, 2005