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Manish Sisodia's WDDM Home Page

Mahatma Gandhi always talked about the real democracy, where people are supreme. Unfortunately, in the country of Gandhi, people have used Gandhi to win, earn and show off. However,a group of young journalists and like minded social activists has started working on the concept of Gandhi Ji's Swaraj (local self rule), which is direct democracy. We are working in villages and cities to make people understand that they are supreme and can make any government irrelevant, if they understand what a system mean for them. Though the ultimate target is to end up the so called governance Top to Bottom power structrure and legislate the original humane based system, where human being is supreme. But in order to demonstrate it's power and importance,we need to demonstrate it. Fortunately there are some live examples in India, which can be refered as model, while talking about the concept of Direct Democracy/Swaraj. We are trying to make more such examples.

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