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Manuel Casal Lodeiro's WDDM Home Page

Born in 1970. Computer Science Engineer, political and cultural cyberactivist.

Founder member of Democracia Directa Digital (D3), a Spaniard anti-party promoted to introduce Direct Democracy by means of Communication Technologies (mainly the Internet and cellphones) into Representative Democracy.

Author of "InoculaciĆ³n de la Democracia Directa en el Sistema Representativo por medio de las NTIC: El sistema D3" paper, presented to New technologies as democracy participation tools: towards a online citizenship working group in 3rd. online Congress - Observatory for Cybersociety: http://www.cibersociedad.net/congres2006/gts/comunicacio.php?id=752&llengua=en

Webmaster of http://www.DemoWiki.info - the Wiki for Direct Democracy related subjects (in Spanish).

More info at http://www.d-3.info (in Spanish).

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