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D. Boyd Moseley's WDDM Home Page

Hi my name is Boyd. I am from Leroy, a small town in Alabama, United State.Do you believe my representative would listen to me, his constituent, or say, the CEO of ATT who does not even live or vote in my district? We all know he would here the voice of the CEO. I believe this is consistent across most representative democracies. So who do our representatives represent? Corporations. When the voice of corporations are allowed to drown out the voice of the people, then democracy is dead. Feudalism has been reborn. This is what the levels of complexity and confusion attempt to hide from the people. We are peasants in a feudal society that hides itself behind the façade of democracy. I don’t know about you, but I am not content being a peasant, a mute. I believe it is time for direct democracy.

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