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Designed Vision 2020 for the Minister of Municipal Affairs, Province of
Alberta Canada. Over 200 municipalities used a guidebook and resource
materials to envision their future. The concept was for the Ministry to
rewrite the Municipal Act so that the municipalities would have the powers
needed to achieve their visions. The Minister moved to another portfolio
and the visions were not used as intended.

Designed, produced and directed an Electronic Town Meeting for a Royal
Commission on the future of health care in Alberta. In a 90 minute
television program the commissioners reported their main findings and
answered questions from a studio audience of experts. A random sample voted
on the main recommendations by telephone during the program.

Designed, produced and directed three 60 minute Electronic Town Meetings for
a major hospital in which a studio audience and the viewing audience at home
were able to ask questions of the senior management of the hospital and the
manager of the unit under discussion - the subjects were birthing, emergency
services and death and dying. Short videos were produced on each subject.
A stratified random sample of viewers were able to vote on the issues,
pioneering the use of a new telephone switch and computer for this purpose.
The voting occurred in real time in less than 90 seconds and was
statistically significant.

Designed and was executive producer for an Electronic Town Meeting on
physician assisted suicide in Calgary, Alberta for the Members of Parliament
representing consitutencies within the city. The moderator was one of the
MPs who was also a party leader. There was a panel of two for and two
against. About 200 people were in the audience offering opinions and asking
questions. A pre-selected random sample of about 2,000 people voted on the
concept and the conditions under which it might be permitted, based on
mailed out materials and watching the program. The sample was stratified by
consitutency, age and gender. The votes were counted in 90 seconds using
the same new telephone switching system and computer as in teh hospital
ETMs. The results of the polls were fed back into the program. The polls
by constituency were significant at the 5% level or higher. About 20,000
people watched the program. The vote was overhelmingly in favour and a
consensus on conditions was identified. The MPs and the party leader
undertook to be guided by the vote when the Federal Government brought
enabling legislation before the Federal Parliament. Unfortunately it failed
to do so.

In partnership with Ron Thomas, designed and produced a video and guidebook
for the American Planning Association on how to do Electronic Town Meetings.

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