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Email received from Kenya on June 25, 2005


I am Omondi George, Co-ordinator of the Centre for Direct Democracy (CDD), a registered NGO in Kenya - East Africa.
I am writing to inform you as a key member of the global DD network of a new development in this East African country and to seek your support for the same. Kenya is set to hold the first Referendum ever on the constitution later this year. Our organization is the only DD NGO in this country and we are already planning to participate in citizen education, referendum monitoring and all the other processes that go with the referendum. The task ahead of us is big and this is why we seek your help.
We would be grateful if you could consider assisting the centre in terms of financial/material resources, technical expertise or in any other appropriate way as we prepare for Kenya's first ever referendum on the national constitution. We would also be glad if you offered suggestions of grantmakers known to you who can help us in this cause.

Kindly get back to enable us explore all the possibilities in detail.

Best regards,

Omondi George.
Centre for Direct Democracy (CDD)
KCB Plaza Jogoo Road
4th floor.
P.O. Box 45078 00100
Tel 254-20-552387
Cell: +253-735-709952
E-mail: cdd-kenya (at) world-wide-democracy (dot) net
Home page: http://www.world-wide-democracy.net/cdd-kenya/

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