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The WDDM Home Page of Josep Ll. Ortega

imageEmail: jllortega@gmail.com
Telephone: +00 376 842869
Skype: jllortega
Postal address: EENS Meritxell, C. dels Barrers, 10, Santa Coloma, AD 500, ANDORRA.
Speak, read, write: Catalan, Spanish, English, French (avec difficultés)
Read: Italian, Portuguese

I am a psychologist, and have worked most of my professional life in the field of special education, although lately I'm working as financial director, and for a time worked as responsible of the Andorran Government program for introducing "Computers in the School". I'm a Spaniard, but have lived since 1978 in Andorra, a very small country in Europe, placed just between Spain and France, on the Pyrenees mountains.

For many years now, I have been educating myself about global injustice, environmental problems and serious solution alternatives, including democratic global governance and direct democracy. My last efforts have been creating and promoting the Community of World Citizens, a non-geographical, world embracing collective of interdependent people who wish to join others in being first of all citizens of the world sharing the deep personal belief that loyalties to our planet and the human species come before national loyalties.

I was born in the good crop year of 1954, practice yoga (I am a certified yoga teacher), enjoy reading science fiction, cosmology (probably because I am unable to understand anything), and psychology (perhaps surprisingly), play go (very badly) and bridge (badly) and used to ride horses. I am married to Carmen and have two sons, Eduard and Gerard.

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