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WDDM Home page of S'ace ( Cees De Groot )

I'm dutch born world citizen.
I'm a reformer, or rather a diviner of harmony, which was not clear for all my fellow citizen throughout my life so far ...

"How come?" one might ask oneselves ...

Nowadays i'm working on the government mission towards a society where we live together and work together :-)
(what did we live and work (temporarily) on before this mission?)
The freejob on guiding Mental Fitness Company (2004-2006) from my position with Waternet seemed to be successfull!

In democracy-, or rather civilization-, processes i like to be in a dialoque with my fellow humans (around a fire with a drink?).
this brought me to the pulse of serendipity which offered.
... as you can see a good opportunity to work on a better world ... which is in line with the mission of our fresh government and ... also with the premises of my company stichting Waternet in Amsterdam and the waterarea of AGV and WBA.

When you did not come here from the GGvoter-site then ...
(you may need or be open for a alternative ideas in practising democracy as a peoplemember in this time ...)

=> I, Cees (pronounced as S'ace:), INVITE YOU to http://www.globalgeniusvoter.com

which in a process of communication ... may add our synchronisation in common DemocracyForCivilization interests
or, even better, point out our differences, which may contribute our challenging evolutionary steps.

In my free time i am glad to live here in bakkum, holland-europe-earth, because of
the woods, the dunes, the beach, the sea, the skies, flora & fauna & even people ;-)

By the way ... the website mentioned introduces and describes the GenerationBindingMatrix as a method.
It is a pivoting method of how citizen in a democracy can implement, use and maintain their society in a sensible way.

Yeah, i know, this can sound "pretty wise" ... as it is ... because i challenge all politicians
to enter a debate in which they defend the OneManOneVote "system" as a sensible, modern voting system.
Of course they may argue with me the sensibility of the "old paradigm in voting", and build on the "new paradigm" 2asyou.
GGvoter 'another human with a voice" photo
;-) i am another yourself (as a worldcitizen BioSphericalSpoken; as a planetary human NoöSphericalSpoken)

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