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Georges Home Page


Some of the workshop pages referred below are also available here at WDDM: GeorgesMetanomskiWritings. You can discuss them or comment on them on that page.


Unfortunately, the Munich company which was generously supporting our CN Server with a dedicated line and IP address cannot do it more, so the present Workshop cannot be directly attended on-line. The modified procedure is as follows:

Our village Forum works with CN on my home computer. Progress is reported in file format rooted in

Participants out of the village Forum may send messages to me via involved lists or the form below on this page.

I shall update both my home CN and the file version with messages complying with "debate principles" which you reach navigating as explained in the root file.

The Workshop is in initial phase in which only "postulates, definitions and principles" are open for debate. Further issues will be opened after finishing this phase.

The list of issues results from consensus of the village Forum: postulates, definitions and principles, democracy, particracy, particracy plus I&R, particracy plus shadow parliament, forcasts and prerequisites. As everything, it's open for suggestions of other participants.

The Workshop is open for anybody without distinction of some list membership, or any other one.


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