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Invitation by "The Blue House":

EU-Café: writing our own People's EU Constitution Saturday, July 9th, Amsterdam (IJburg)

Well, how shall we continue with the EU Constitution? Do you feel the debate is in good hands now? A Constitution contains the basic rules with wich we live together and that regulate how we take decisions. If a Constitution arranges these things of and for the citizens, wouldn't it be sensible (and democratic) when the same citizens are involved in its writing? Are we capable to do just that?

The project EVERYONE'S A CITIZEN, BABY organises a movement of engaged people who write a People's EU Constitution. The purpose is to create together a Constitution in 2,5 year, based on democracy. A Constitution to which many people have contributed (from the EU and abroad), and that will be referendable. At the moment we are developing a "method kit" containing different kinds of methods to organize this engagement with. The EU Café is one of those methods.

On Saturday July 9th Julien Haffmans and Filia den Hollander organize the first EU Café [1] in "The Blue House" [2] in Amsterdam, IJburg. In EU Cafés people talk about the EU Constitution they want. The Café is opened from 1pm till 9pm. We will do this writing experiment with a considerable amount of people. You are very welcome to join, either for the duration of the whole meeting, or for one of the three "tablecloth-conversations" [3] . You can also join us at 8 pm to listen to what has been written down. Address: Willy Mullenskade 13, 1087 KH Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

1.00 PM: Tablecloth conversation 1
What, according to you, makes democracy genuinely democratic?
3.00 PM: Tablecloth conversation 2
What would you like to see democratically regulated on the level of the EU?
5.00 PM: Diner for everyone who participates the whole day.
6.00 PM: Tablecloth conversation 3
What texts would you like to put in an EU Constitution?
8.00 PM: Reading aloud of the contributions to a draft of the People's EU Constitution.

Invited are, apart from all the citizens of IJburg, everybody who feels warmhartedly about the purpose of the project EVERYONE'S A CITIZEN, BABY. Everyone who is able to afford it is welcomed to contribute to the costs of this EU-Café (and by doing so sponsor the project as a whole) with 50 Euros, payable to bank account 6678142 [4] , F.K. den Hollander, Amsterdam. All participants will be handed out the texts generated on this day before going home.

Please let us know by e-mail if you intend to come: everyonesacitizenbaby (at) xs4all.nl.
Those who come from abroad can stay over at "The Blue House".

This EU-Café is part of the project EVERYONE'S A CITIZEN, BABY

and is organized by:

Julien Haffmans , magement consultant, organizer and researcher of Freehavens,
Filia den Hollander , inhabitant of "The Blue House" and initiator of EVERYONE'S A CITIZEN, BABY.


[1] The procedure of this EU Café is based upon The World Café, http://www.theworldcafe.com .
[2] "Het Blauwe Huis" (The Blue House) is a Brainstorm project (Jeanne van Heeswijk & Hervé Paraponaris). For at least four years the house in Amsterdam, IJburg is set up as a home for culture and a place for research on experimental communities. Website http://www.blauwehuis.org .
[3] The EU Café tablecloths are suitable to write on.
[4] IBAN number et cetera, please contact by e-mail: everyonesacitizenbaby (at) xs4all.nl