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Estonia uses Internet for local elections

Translated from Russian from Ramber Media, Oct. 16, 2005:

Unprecedented Estonian Internet Vote Declared Successful

Estonian authorities published the results of the World's first official Internet voting that was hold this week during the local government elections in different parts of the country. As reported on Friday by the Associated Press, Estonian authorities declared this experiment to be successful - neither breakdowns of the electronics voting systems, nor hacker attacks were reported.

To legalize the Internet voting, Estonian parliament approved already some time ago the necessary law. Overall, Estonian authorities are proceeding with informatization of the whole society in various other spheres - all schools in the whole coutry are connected to the Internet, and in parallel with the traditional one, an electronic system for personal identification is legally used.

The electronic vote was held simultaneously with the traditional one, less than 10 thousand voters opted for the Internet voting in this elections, which is roughly 1 percent of the 1.4 million of Estonian citizens.

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