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I am from Singapore and the owner of NPSForum

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Hi Eric,
You have a good grasp on government, the issues and the need of fair discussion to accomplish a given objective. I thank you for your many comments and find you refreshing as you find new methods to deal with a matter.
Keep at it, Bruce Eggum Wisconsin, USA
-- BrEggum (2006-05-04 20:38:40)
Thank you, Bruce, for your encouraging comments.

Maximum possible transparency in governance and an open, public discussions of social and political issues by the people led by the best availabe discussion leaders are the best weapons against the corruption and tyranny of public servants and for making the people more informed, thinking and politically participating.

And more informed, thinking and politically paricipating citizens are the foundation for building DD or true democracy where the people are sovereign and have the final say on all matters concerning the people and the country through the use of I&R.


Eric Lim
http://www.tdcommunity.org/ True Democracy Community (TDC)
-- EricLim (2006-05-15 22:58:18)