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Duncan Thorp's WDDM Home Page

I'm just a guy who would like to live in a democracy.

Independent Candidate for Election 2007 to Scottish Parliament

I recently launched my independent election campaign for the Scottish Parliament and local elections on Thursday 3 May 2007.

My campaign centres around the lack of democracy in Scotland (and of course most other so-called 'democracies') and the first steps to creating a true democracy where power is in the hands of people and not politicians and parliaments.

I would very much welcome your comments and questions or assistance with the campaign. For more details please see the website: http://www.votethorp.com You can also Google my name to see the recent media/blog coverage.

This is how one individual can take practical action in terms of Direct Democracy and I hope that many others will continue to take a lead in one form or another.

Best wishes, Duncan

Duncan Thorp
Independent election candidate
Scotland 2007
Lothian Region and Meadows and Morningside Ward.

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