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Doug N. Everingham's WDDM home page

Born 25 Jun 1923 Australia. Married, parent and grandparent.
Son and nephew of World War 1 veterans.

Published 'Chemical Shorthand for Organic Formulae' 1943.
Graduated MB, BS, University of Sydney, 1946.
Public and private hospital and family doctor at times till 1999.
Honorary child and family counselling positions at times 1945-67.

Member, federal House of Representatives 1967-75, 1977-84.
Minister for Health 1972-75.
Western Pacific region's Vice-President at World Health Assembly, Geneva 1975.
Opposition's Parliamentary Adviser, Australian UN Delegation, 1984.

Wrote critiques welcomed by the authors for several artificial
languages and spelling reform proposals, C. K. Bliss's 'Semantography',
T S Summerhayes' prize-winning shorthand, F. Mihalic's 'The Jacaranda
Dictionary and Grammar of Melanesian Pidgin'.

Published articles on peace education in 'Medicine and War', 1992 and 1995.
World federalist and reform advocate in several organizations since 1945.
Now Queensland provisional co-ordinator,
International Simultaneous Policy Organization

HOME: 5 Eriboll Close, Middle Park, QLD 4074
Phone: +61 7 3376 7763
Fax:    +61 7 3376 0763

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Hi Doug,
Your active work to establish tools for the people to govern themselves is very admirable and I thank you. WDDM needs to pull together all the talents we have here so we may progress the DD process. How can we develop a structure which accomplishes goals yet allows individual ideas?
Bruce Eggum Wisconsin, USA
-- BrEggum (2006-05-04 20:32:49)