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I make this page as temporary to try to group a bit to find things. I need a better understanding of the administrations structure, so I can add etc. Or should I leave that for the Administrator??? OMG I am Confused (yet)

Everybody can add pages as they please, that's why the Wiki was set up, so that everybody can participate without the help of any administrator, so that all members would be absolutely equal. Admin is here just to make corrections if needed.

I made this first part as html style, not WIKI. I realize this won't really work for wiki as the wiki needs its own page to be changed etc. Perhaps there could be a Administration page, a Communication Page, an E-Mail page, a History page ????????????
But we already have more or less all these - just follow the links from the main Wiki page (WddmWikiMain) and you'll be able to visit all the pages that exist here.
And I added some more links on WddmWikiMain to better correspond to page grouping suggested below.

I put the wiki style below (scroll down) and it is to compact eh.

Good luck

I also got two of the same topics in the forum and don't know how to delete one ???
There is no easy way to do that. Try to avoid duplicating things in forums.

It seems to be time to solidify the membership, organizational rules etc. Can we "make an administrative rule" that issues posted to the WDDM Internal Discussion Forums for 30 days with over 50% agreeing by consensus, the rule can be considered adopted?
Do you think that 50% is sufficient. True consensus is 100%.

Of course the rule could be changed, deleted by the same process.

If we can agree on this, we can decide membership and other "rules".

Lee said he would organize the WDDM WIKI a bit. I hope this page is a useful tool. This page can be deleted, if it has no use.

ATB Bruce

UFF DA the Wiki stuff came all in a whirl
I will put the html style first, than the WIKI as it turned out. Obviousley I don't know how to arrange WIKI *^&&$%&%^&*

There is no need to copy over here the contents of all the pages in this Wiki, if you want to group things, links are enough.
And everybody remember please, if it is a Wiki page, i.e., there is /Wiki/ in its URL (address), there is no need to make it an external link - no need to type the initial http:/ /www.world-wide-democracy.net/Wiki/ part, just the "final part" that follows after that, such as MailIndex below.

The above works in all circumstances only for true Wiki names - names that have two capitals in them separated by at least one small latter. So the name of this page, Business, in not a true Wiki name. One has to surround it in the text by [[ and ]] to force a link upon it. This is for example how the name Blog was forced to be a link bellow.
So please, better use true Wiki names for new pages.
Read FormattingRules.

Links to most (almost all as of Dec. 17, 2005) Wiki Pages

But try also PageIndex - it's allways up to date, it always contains all the pages that exist at a given time, make a new page, go to PageIndex, and you'll find it there. so there is really no special need to do such collections as below.
If you want the pages grouped by subject, click on By Category (both links are always in the top menu))

Compare also ScHema by JoLlOrtega

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