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WDDM Home Page of John Baker

I live in the Bronx, NY, USA. I have the following web page: http://www.angelfire.com/apes/movement/
That web page is a couple years old and I have softened my rhetoric a bit since then.

I have a degree in Economics from Rutgers and I am passionate about global
direct democarcy.

Recently, I drafted the following and would like to share it with your community:

Whereas a democracy is, by definition, a government approved of by a
plurality of its citizens.

Whereas any government is constituted by a set of laws commonly called a Constitution.

Whereas equality before the law is a prequisite for equality under the law.

The following article to the constitution is proposed as a matter of
course to obtain a truly democratic republic.

We the People, declare sole sovereignty over our lives, our property
and our government. In order to fulfill our responsibility to
ourselves and our children we proclaim our inherent right to decide
how the constitution of our government shall be decided. This
amendment sets forth the ideal that only a plurality of citizens can
decide how the constitution of the government can be amended.
Thus, this amendment proclaims that only by a simple majority
constituting 50%+1 of the voting public can the right to amend the
constitution be validated. Currently, the right to amend the
Constitution can only be amended by elected officials. This amendment
does not change this. This amendment only provides the opportunity for
a plurality of citizens to establish this right. By enacting this
amendment, any change to how the constitution may be amended must be
met with the approval of a direct majority of the voting public.
Further, any change to how the constitution can be amended must be
petitioned by 1% of registered voters.

This is a rough draft. Basically, it is intended to get the ball
rolling towards direct democracy. All it does is put the power OVER
the amendment process in the people's hands. Thus, if the people wish
for only elected representatives to have amendment power, then so be
it. Once this power is established it is my contention that the rest
is history. I make no assumptions about what the people want or how
this will play out. All I know is that to for a democracy to be true
to itself then the power to amend the constitution must be decided by
initiative and referendum.

The next step would be to take this amendment to the people directly
via a petition drive. Not that a petition would be legally binding but
that it would serve to educate and inform. Once enough people are on
board the politicians will follow.

In Us I Trust,

John Baker

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Dear John,
I strongly agree with your "ammendment" and do believe it should be "sold" to the people. As you say, this would be a discussion item, and could eventually be one seed toward a National I&R.

How would you propose to "sell" it? We need to get WDDM active NOW and we can carry this message strongly.

ATB Bruce Eggum Wisconsin USA
-- BrEggum (2006-05-04 18:32:54)