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Παγκόσμιο Κίνημα Άμεσης Δημοκρατίας, Celosvětové Hnutí za Přímou Demokracii, Internationale Bewegung für direkte Demokratie, Movimiento Mundial por la Democracia Directa, Mouvement International pour la Démocratie Directe, Movimento Mondiale per la Democrazia Diretta, 世界的直接民主制運動, Światowy Ruch na rzecz Demokracji Bezpośredniej, Movimento Mundial para a Democracia Directa, Всемирное Движение За Прямую Демократию, الحركة العـالمية للديمقراطية المبـاشرة, Värld-vid rörelse för Rikta Demokrati, 世界直接民主主义运动(世民运), Svjetski Pokret za Direktnu Demokratiju
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Introduction to the WDDM Mailing List, wddm@world-wide-democracy.net

Important: Mailing List Rules

The list is e-mail based only, all the interaction with the list is done by means of ordinary e-mail.

To post a new message to the whole list, send it to wddm@world-wide-democracy.net.

To send a message to the list "owner" only, use the address: wddm-owner@world-wide-democracy.net.

The list posts are archived on the server.

In all the other communication with the mailing list server, only the Address matters. The Subject and the Body of the message are completely ignored - they can be blank or arbitrary. The address begins with the string 'wddm-' followed by the request specification (a command to the server).

All archived messages posted to the list can be retrieved by their number or subject thread. It is recommended to first send out the request for the list of Subjects and Authors of up to 100 archived messages at a time using the 'index' command, and then to request the whole messages using the 'get' command.

Here is a list of the command addresses supported:

To subscribe (apply for WDDM membership) or unsubscribe from a list, send a message to:

To get the FAQ for a list, send mail to:

For help and a description of available commands, send a message to:

To subscribe or unsubscribe from the WDDM digest list:

To get an index with Subject and Author for messages 123 through 456, mail:

To get messages 123 through 145 (a maximum of 100 per request), mail:

To receive all messages with the same subject as message 12345,
send an empty message to:

You can start a subscription for an alternate address,
for example "john@host.domain", just add a hyphen and your
address (with '=' instead of '@') after the command word:

To stop subscription for this address, mail:

For addition or removal of addresses, a confirmation message to that address is sent.
When you receive it, simply reply to it to complete the transaction.