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"Democratic Euro-Vision" conference
Posted by: WebMaster (IP Logged)
Date: March 21, 2009 07:18PM

George Kokkas asked me to post this announcement:
(More details can be found here: [www.world-wide-democracy.net])

March 14, 2009


Press Release

Subject: Conference in Prague held by the “Democratic Euro-Vision” and Direct Democratic Initiatives of Europe.

In most European countries, there are organisations and/or movements trying to democratize their political systems by introducing elements of Direct Democracy. To increase their efficiency, it is desirable to establish a coalition forming a common European movement, aiming at regular contacts by means of a blog, discussing common goals and strategy and supporting one another´ s efforts.

The “Democratic Euro-Vision” serves this purpose and invites all European national movements, initiatives and organizations, who accept certain common direct democracy principles, to join and give moral support to one another with efforts to democratize their respective countries. These principles and ideas will also be strongly expressed through our participation in the coming European Parliament elections of June 7, 2009.

In order to broaden and strengthen its aims, Democratic Euro-Vision is organizing a Conference, which will be held in Prague, on the 21st and 22nd of March 2009.

All European movements and organizations that serve direct Democracy values and principles are invited to attend. The main purpose of the Conference shall be the founding of the European Direct Democracy Confederation, under the name: “Democratic Euro-Vision”, organized by the national Movements taking part.

Other Movements from countries outside Europe or individuals not representing a Movement are invited to attend as observers.

INFO: www.theeuropeandemocrat.blogspot.com

geoko@otenet.gr ; tobuz@libero.it ; jiri.polak@swipnet.se

Best regards

George L. Kokkas
N.G.O Forum for Citizens’ Democracy
Ippokratous str. 42 – GR-10680 Athens
Tel.: +30 2103632000 - Fax: +30 2103610882


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