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Scores for US Presidential candidates
Posted by: mantell (IP Logged)
Date: September 09, 2007 09:26AM

Hi WDDM Executive Board,
Here is a followup on the resolution for WDDM involvement in the US Presidential race. I’m limiting this note to the executive board. When Nicos, George and I are ok on the rankings I’ll post them to the general forum. I'd appreciate feedback within a few days. Thanks.
Mark Antell

On 8/27 WDDM membership approved an initiative concerning the US Presidential race (see copy of the initiative below). The resolution specified that WDDM will score Presidential candidates based on their suppport for improved and expanded democratic electoral practice. Following are scores as derived from information on Wikipedia and on authorized campaign websites:

Joe Biden 0
Hillary Clinton 0 (but does support paper ballot trail)
Chris Dodd 0
John Edwards 0
Mike Gravel 2 - support for National Initiative for Democracy a central plank.
Dennis Kucinich 1 - support for election day registration, supports paper ballot trail
Barack Obama 1 - supports bill to end “Deceptive Practices and Voter Intimidation”
Bill Richardson 1 - supports same day registration. Supports paper ballot trail

Ron Paul 1 - Call for ending restrictive ballot access requirements for independent and
The rest of them 0 - None of the remaining Republican candidates say anything about improving the electoral process
or expanding initiative.

WDDM should engage in the US Presidential race by publicly scoring the candidates according to the following scheme:
Level 2 - Supports initiative at the national level.
Level 1 - Supports electoral improvements including one of the following: election day registration, return of voting rights to felons after their term of imprisonment, non-partisan redistricting, and enhanced vote by mail.
Level 0 - No positions on initiative or electoral improvements
Level minus 1 - Opposed to electoral improvements

Candidate scoring shall be performed using information available on candidate web sites and Wikipedia. The executive board (subject as always to membership review) shall approve the scores to be posted on the WDDM board.

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