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Process for initiatives
Posted by: mantell (IP Logged)
Date: June 23, 2007 12:59PM

Hi Mirek, Executive Board, candidates for executive board, and other WDDM members,

This is in response to Mirek's note (posted earlier today and copied below) which sets specifics for a WDDM charter-compliant initiative process.

I like what you propose for initiatives. May I restate it as a three step process?
1. Topics are raised in the main forum.

2. The person who has advanced a topic is responsible for writing a definitive proposal. The webmaster shall post proposals for seconds. (I'd hope that there would be a place for discussion during this step).
3. On receipt of the necessary seconds, topics are then posted as motions by the webmaster.

Did I get it right?

I'm a bit concerned that the question of queuing keeps coming up. Concerned because I don't see any need to establish a queue. I'm not concerned about having several different proposals up for seconds and several up for vote - all at the same time. Particularly if some sort of summary page of active proposals and motions were available (and maybe sent out periodically via list-serve). That's the wonderful thing about the internet. Unlike a physical forum which must have a single focus at any given moment, the internet allows parallel activity.

Finally, I'd like to make sure that we do allow for some alternative/experimental ways for doing initiatives. I suggest we allow alternative paths if those processes are cleared (for test) by unanimous consent of the executive board.

Mark Antell

PS. I think the best way to institute this process would be via executive board approval (followed in a timely fashion by a membership referendum). Nico, George, do youall agree?

Incoming Note is below:
Re: WDDM Proposal - Endorse Gravel for President
Posted by: WebMaster
Date: June 23, 2007 08:11AM

I agree that almost everything is already defined in the Charter.
What I meant is that it is not clear how it will be implemented: where and how the members would enter their proposals so that they are recognized as official proposals, how to submit the seconds, in which order the proposals will be dealt with (i.e., if we get more than one at the same time; this is actually missing in the Charter - it can be according to how much support they generate, i.e., number of seconds), how much time will be allotted for discussion.
Don't forgot that ordinary members do not have write privileges in this forum, and the proposals get lost in the chatter of the mailing list.
That's why I proposed a parallel forum to this one, also on the top level, for the submission of proposals with the write privileges for everybody. It needs to get a proper name, what about "Proposals and Initiatives". If a proposal is submitted, I could create a voting with a single question: "Do you second proposal So And So", and a message would automatically to all members informing them about the proposal and asking for seconds. If it gets at least three seconds, one can start to process it.
Would something like this be reasonable?


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