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Direct Democracy in Australia
Posted by: Talias (IP Logged)
Date: January 12, 2008 03:56PM

In Australia we have a federal system of parliamentary democracy. In this way our Parliament is the same as the US congress and we have states which share power with the Federal government.

My proposals are for parliament (congress) our legislative house of government.

Each electorate has a representative and electorates are regions of comparative sizes of voting populations. Most electorates have 70,000 – 80,000 voters who are on the Australian electoral role.

If there was a political party which supported direct democracy, this is how I believe it should be once in power.

In Australia voting is compulsory but this variation of direct democracy is non-compulsory.
Proposal 1:

Representative of the electorate must allow all voters on the electoral role to vote yes or no on a question of all bills of parliament.
In order for the vote to be counted in our parliament, 55% of the voters in the electorate must participate and vote. Eg) 44,000 people must vote one way or the other.

Of those people that choose to vote, a minimum of 55% of those that vote must vote one way or the other. Eg) A minimum of 24,200 people if 44,000 people voted in an electorate of 80,000.

If one or both of these conditions are not met, then the representative must decide, keeping in mind the public’s will and the political party they are associated with.

Proposal 2:

Representative of the electorate must allow all voters on the electoral role to create bills/amendments to bills.
A minimum of 10% of the voters in an electorate must agree with written consent in the form of a petition. Eg) 8,000 voters who are on the electoral role in an electorate of 80,000.

This petition will then be brought forward to the same criterion as Proposal 1 and must undergo the same conditions.

Proposal 3:

Representative of the electorate must allow all voters on the electoral role to vote each year as to whether the representative should remain in power or not.

The representative can only be removed with a 55% majority following the same conditions as proposal 1.

If there is not unanimous support for the removal of the representative, the representative will continue to remain in power.

If it is clear that the voting population does not want the representative then the representative must voluntarily resign. If they do not resign then they will be immediately removed from the political party and lose all membership privileges.

If you like the sound of these proposals I could do with any support for creating this political party. I base myself in Melbourne, Australia.

500 members from Australians on the electoral role that’s all.
Lets change politics forever in Australia and aim for the world.

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