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PT of Order Publish the Motion
Posted by: BrEggum (IP Logged)
Date: August 01, 2007 12:55AM

I bring a point of order here. The Forum is the "official" place for WDDM to conduct business. It must be this one place so it is available for all to review easily and to form the "minutes" of our business meetings. We need this for later review.
Mark, I was under the impression you were going to post the other "seconds" you had received. There is no record of them in Forum.

Apparently after the seconds have been completed, the Motion would be posted on Forum for review and comment. It seems we could discuss these things before the election is final. Apparently the 10% will second the initiative has not been changed either. "See charter on WDDM Site." Of course nobody is responsible for this oversite, the initiative for a secretary was passed over.
Regards, Bruce

9. Initiative.

Initiative means a process which allows the membership to raise an
issue for discussion and to bring it to binding vote of the membership.

Any member may post an initiative for discussion. If, after a
discussion period of no less than one month, 10% of the membership
agree to second the proposal, then it will be posted as a motion. Due
to uncertainties about the current membership, for 2007 the seconding
requirement shall be met by 3 seconds.

10. Approval of Initiative Motions

Motions shall open for vote for two weeks after posting. Business
motions are adopted by a simple majority vote. Charter modification
motions require a super-majority (of those voting) of 66%.

Bruce Eggum Wisconsin USA

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