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2007 Plan (draft)
Posted by: BrEggum (IP Logged)
Date: February 03, 2007 06:22PM

Our Rules of Membership and Conduct (Rules) GOVERN MEMBERS ONLY INTERNALLY, and are offered as a guide for international audience. “

2007 Plan (draft)
From the Founding Documents, (Charter) we are required to have a Coordinating Committee. Before we can assign jobs, (on the coordinating committee) we need job descriptions etc. so people would easily know what was expected of them. It would be quite illogical to assign a job which is undefined, has no purpose, no method to accomplish the job. The job description would also detail what they are authorized to do, and what limits they have. (divided powers) This could be a job for the Coordinating Committee.

1. We must establish a WDDM Coordinating Committee
We can select the committee using sortition (lottery)
Mirek has software available on WDDM site which does this if we choose to use it.

We have Founding Documents which are the basis of WDDM. These Founding Documents than became the WDDM Charter.

2. The Coordinating Committee shall compile an updated WDDM Charter from the Founding Documents.

3. The Coordinating Committee will determine work to be done and job descriptions for the office's such as Spokesperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster, Coordinator etc.

3. The Coordinating Committee will develop and write procedures for WDDM Members to make decisions. This could be a method to poll, vote, by ballot and or consensus. The method could include a way to determine if a quorum of members had made a choice.

Later we will need to establish:

4. Procedure of how to submit a proposal, the process leading to initiative and also referendum.

5. Process of discussion, deliberation resulting in a plan or action which is measurable and accountable.

These things can be considered by the Coordinating Committee, they can develop the Charter and any necessary Bi-laws. These can than be offered to the WDDM members for adoption.


Bruce Eggum Wisconsin USA

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