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Financial Planning
Posted by: BrEggum (IP Logged)
Date: May 17, 2006 10:17AM


It is imperative that WDDM develop a realistic budget to provide for all expenses immediate and projected. Unless this is done, grave future expense could undermine the whole organization and shut down the website which is developing into the global meeting place intended.

No “rent” for office space is included, no utilities, phone expense, postage, advertising costs, copy fees, paper ink or secretarial fees.

Domain name fee’s are in the $30.00 – $50.00 area.

Pipe’s are the term of the connection from the server to the internet. Fast pipes are necessary and more costly. Also, if WDDM becomes popular and many visitors participate, we will need bigger “Pipes” to handle the traffic, more $$$$$. This fee is generally about $70.00 a month in the States.

A server is the computer running the website. It must be fast, large, much memory etc. Generally a back up (at least one) is necessary. These servers’s often cost $4,000.00 used here in the States. They must be maintained, updated and replaced. Thus two servers, ($8,000.00) with a life expectancy of six years would have an annual “depreciation” of $1,333.00.

A webmaster fee of some kind should be included even though presently Mirek is generously providing this service. (and other things) However a “fee” should be assessed and Mirek could than donate his hours if he chooses. Thus the cost would appear in the budget and if Mirek took off for an enchanted island, we could “replace” (or try to) him.

Part of the Non-Profit licensing is to determine if the organization is financially responsible. Thus it is necessary to provide income and expense information. If we have no “donations” of time or money, we could be seen as a terrorist funded org. Uff Da !!

So all these things are necessary and must be represented in our WDDM annual budget. Projects must be itemized and expenses estimated before approval. If a project needs an amount of cash to begin, funds can be requested for that project. The “Education Organization” (or any project) would need goals, purpose, a budget before funds could be solicited, so the donor(s) could see how their money was to be used.


Bruce Eggum Wisconsin USA

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